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Why is Speed Important for Your WordPress Site?

in Wordpress on March 18, 2019

Speed in your WordPress site is essential? Yes, of course! Nowadays most of the users expect that their website to load within 2 seconds otherwise they want to leave it. And you know more traffic means more sales and more income- so what you think? Now I will tell you Why Speed is Important for Your WordPress Site? Please come with me

Some important factors for WordPress site speed you should know:

WordPress site speed is the first important factor. Today’s super-fast paced gross of business environment needs it badly. You may remember that a billion pages need to surf daily for daily and business purposes. So, if the system is not working correctly then how we can produce more data and explore more data daily?
Meanwhile, you need to note that, we should keep our WordPress websites speed highest 2 seconds. Otherwise, we can loss top gross of traffic source.
Another noteworthy matter is that, Google ranking factor. You may already know that Google published an update their terms and policy every year. The most important factor here, Google wants the website speed remains 1 to 5 second; otherwise it doesn’t give the ranking. And you may know, for your business growth how much important the ranking factor is!
So, get any points- Why Speed is Important for Your WordPress Site? Now we can discuss it in more practical ways. For example- it was 2007. When I had a health-related blog post at that time, and in the meantime, I was a newbie on the internet. As a result, I had little knowledge about WordPress functionalities and its pros and cons. At that time I used more exotic themes, which are so much weight and needs to time to load.
For this reason, although I had good SEO and unique keyword I had low trafficked and no ranking in Google. In that time I was so much disappointed. After two months whenever I read the google terms and policy- I was shocked that I never get the ranking in Google due to colossal load speed. After that, I changed my websites themes, and I customized my cms then I got better performance. And still, I am getting lots of traffics, and you know what did I mean by lots of traffics?
In the meantime, you need the fastest load time both for desktop and mobile versions, because most of the users are now using their pocket gadgets for surfing on the internet for their useful purposes.

Is WordPress website speed is mandatory?

Another important matter is that a slow website can be accounted with the consumers as dull and it may reduce your brand’s loyalty as all the consumers want to get their result so fast. It is clear that if your WordPress website takes more time to load, then you can lose your brands reputation easily. Do you get it?
I will let you know that Google emphasized the site speed at the first time in 2010. Then at present, it is randomly increased. At the same time, a slow coach website can impact your SEO factor. As a result, you will lose some of your customers as well.
For instance- according to the top gross website Alibaba reported that the delay time about 2/4 second during the transaction period could make abandonment rates like 85%.
Another fantastic example here- form an statistics it is clear that if the Amazon website remains slower to load, then it can lose about $1.9 billion every time! So, it is clear that more loading time can directly impact on conversion rates and deals.
Besides, your slower website always gives your competitors more advantages that, they can catch your consumers every time and becomes more prominent than you, maybe all the consumers can love your competitor’s website due to their low loading time. Even you and I also love better performing websites, and always we have a specific choice of website choice list due to their performing statistics.
From the recent statistics- we find fantastic news from Quora that, you can improve your consumer’s satisfaction rate by improving your WordPress site speed.
However, increasing your website speed will enrich your client’s satisfaction level as well, besides it is dominant to all business.

Tips and Tricks for improving WordPress Site Speed:

So, what can you do now? There are many tips and tricks for reducing your websites loading time. The predominant factor for lowering the website loading speed, you need to optimize your images, use lightweight themes, to update plugins regularly as newer version contains low size pack. Another issue you can follow, please avoid external HTTP request as much as you can.
You also optimize your content like this- you need to break down a large post into small pieces. You can post an extensive content by dividing it. At the same time, you can also comment it as several targeted pages. Also, add video links (embedding) for reducing the loading speed.

Here are also a few steps you need to obey:
SSD storage features:
• You need to transfer your websites into SSD as it has super-fast speed. Responsible for reducing latency. Must recommend it to you.
• Must use CDN- it will help you to overload your content easier. It also works correctly according to your user’s geographical locations.
• Regular updating your themes and plugins. As I described before that, it is mandatory for updating your themes and plugins regularly as it gives you super performance and eradicates the loading time. So please do it automatically.
• Another critical issue is that you need to Consistent monitor of your websites loading speed. Besides, a reliable hosting also reduces your site’s weight without lose your quality.


So, it is more important to reduce your websites loading time. In this Why Speed is Important for Your WordPress Site? Content, I mentioned all of its essential factors. Please apply all of my tips and tricks as a smart way and increase your business day by day. Be smarter always and handle all the problems in a better way.

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Inlovearts Coupons at 11:49 pm

Great content! Keep up the good work!

Inlovearts Coupons at 11:49 pm

Great content! Keep up the good work!


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