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Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins are Dangerous: 4 Reasons Why!

in Wordpress on November 9, 2018

WordPress is without any doubt one of the best platforms for content management for blogging and websites. Just not the best platform for beginner and professional businesses as well as individuals to run their online websites. Using this platform, anyone can build their dream website from scratch without having any prior knowledge to designing and all that technical jargon. And all these are possible because of the thousands of templates, extensions, and plugins available on the platform.  It makes website building much more accessible that even a non-tech guy like me can build one on his own.

WordPress got its massive popularity for all the free stuff like the templates and plugins it provides on its platform. It gives people with no budget the opportunity to get started with their blogs without paying a buck. But as we all know, free stuff comes with their limitations. Meantime, the premium themes and plugins are too costly for you to afford. So, what do you do if you wish to get the functionality of the premium stuff without breaking the bank? The only option you’re left with is to use Nulled WordPress themes and Nulled WordPress Plugins for your website and enjoy all the benefits of premium stuff for free. But I’m telling you, that’s a big mistake you’re making.  Today you’ll find why you should stop using nulled WordPress plugins and themes right this moment.

Nulled Plugins and Themes: What it means?

It is possible that some of you are not familiar with the term of nulled plugins and nulled themes. And probably using the stuff without knowing what it is. The only thing you’re aware of is that you’re using themes and plugins for free which the platform usually charges money for as they are under the premium label. So, how the hell you’re getting the stuff for free?

That’s because you’re using pirated copies of the premium themes and plugins that you can find on the internet instead of buying the actual thing from the platform. So, your conscience might tell you that you’re doing something illegal here. But the real question is how one can get away doing something illegal like using a pirated theme?

Reality is when you’re using nulled WordPress themes or nulled WordPress plugins, you’re in no way breaking any law. I’m not interested in giving a lecture on copyright issues, so all you need to know is that GPL (General Public License) software can be copied and distributed. And as you can guess, the WordPress and its derivative works fall right under this category. So, anyone can get their hand on the premium stuff, and they can redistribute it.

Reasons to stop using Nulled themes and plugins:

So, as it turns out, using nulled themes or nulled plugins isn’t an illegal activity. However, when you’re getting your hands on this redistributed stuff on the internet, you’re not getting the premium stuff sold on the WordPress platform. You’re getting a copy of it and much more. So, the question is whether its a good thing or not? And you already know what I’ve to say about it. But why is that? Let me provide you some insights to give you an idea why stop using the nulled version is the best thing for your online websites.

Security concerns:

If you need one good reason to stop using nulled extensions, then I’ve got a pretty strong case right here. Just for the security sake of your website, you should avoid using Nulled WordPress themes and plugins. As you know, you’re not downloading these things from a trusted source. So, there is a good possibility that the person who copied the main source code can add some malicious stuff inside the original work to take control over of your website without your knowledge. They can hack and get all your information as well as get your customer info too if you’re running an online store. So, if you don’t wish to get exploited, then avoid using the nulled versions.

Getting SEO slaughtered:

For SEO, pirated themes and plugins possess a significant threat. That’s because usually, the codes have some spam links within which is embedded there with a hidden agenda. And often it is there to redirect your website users to some other websites. Now, with naked eyes, it is impossible to detect these activities. However, search engines like Google will notice such action, and for sure your site will be penalized. And as we all know, losing ranking in the search engine is as bad as getting de-indexed completely.

No support:

You might enjoy the premium themes and plugins for free, but there are still some limitations. For instance, you won’t be getting any updates. Therefore, if the WordPress theme got bugs, you won’t get a fix as you’re not a paid customer.

Now, the theme you have might be 100% genuine, and there is no tampering with the codes to exploit you, but you’re still insecure just because you can’t get the fixes. Plus, you also can’t contact the developers for help like the paying customers.

Developers lose:

Ultimately, it is the developer who gets robbed when you use any nulled themes or plugins. The guy who develop such software work his ass off to innovate new things to help your business. And by doing so, they make a living out of it. However, when you use the pirated versions of their work, they don’t make a single penny from it. You’re just stealing their hard work for free. It not only just disheartens them but also makes innovative thinkers stop working on exciting projects to improve the platform just because it won’t be worth their time as their work might get stolen again which eventually means their lose.


Honestly, I can give you so many other reasons not to use nulled WordPress software for your website. However, these things come to my mind when I think about the harmful effects of the nulled WordPress themes and nulled WordPress plugins. For a user, it doesn’t make any sense to get the free stuff by making your website susceptible to hacking as well as risking it in the search engine ranking. So, why you want to put your business into an irreparable shape by using pirated software. Get the original stuff by paying for it or go for the free themes and plugins if you’re not ready to spend money yet.

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